Friday, 9 October 2015

oh my oh my oh my............

Wow , what can I say that's another week gone.
They do say time flies when your having fun, but I'm not sure its always fun more like constantly on the go.
I'm on now with preparing for my next weekend craft cards, and playing with the lovely Sue Wilson dies, I have made 2 cards up to now, 1st one I borrowed the idea from my good friend pinterest, but then the 2nd card I've used the negative cut from the die and though I think I should have used a darker colour of glitter I think it still turned out pretty well.
What are your thoughts?
Don't forget, if you like the cards you can always pin them and save them to your folders to look on at later dates on pinterest...

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Crafty Saturday here already...

Well I don't know where the last week has gone?
Its certainly busy for me, My Mums birthday was on Wednesday and is now 65yrs young. I hope I take after  my mum, she really looks great for her age.
We had a day out on the Thursday, travelled to Sheffield to see Cliff Richard at the City Hall, my mum loved it. We had a lovely day out around Meadowhall, and if you've not been to city hall its great, much better than the arenas. Cliff Richard will be 75yrs young on the 14th, and wow he's quite fit still on the stage. I did feel a bit out of place, as most of the ladies were around my mums age if not older. Then we got detoured off the dreaded M1, and got lost finally made it home to my bed at 1am.....
Then I was flat out on Friday busy busy preparing cards for the Crafty Saturday, thanks to my friend Angela who does my die cutting and embossing though we got it all sorted, and here are the cards to prove it.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

After a lot of deciding.....

Finally after a few days trying to decide what to prepare for the crafty Wednesday session, I have completed my projects. I have used over the last few days the lovely cd we got free in the inspirations magazine from Crafter's Companion.
This month it had a lovely border die (I've not used it yet) and small music embossing folder, A gorgeous set of stamps from Sheena, a cd with snippets from ones recently released and a colour dvd from Sara with cards from her signature series released soon too, and of course a magazine full of wonderful ideas from their design team.
I have uploaded some images into my program on the laptop and altered the size and colours of some of the toppers to suit the cards, so you may not find them all on the cd.

Template for the above card shape.

This card was made using a Sue wilson Die, 

This one was the paisley embossing folder from Crafters companion, and some black peel offs I had in the shop. Along with the supper light flitter flakes...

Monday, 21 September 2015

Times a flying by....

Well that's another Crafty Saturday all done and dusted again.
We had a shop full, and just reminded myself I need to make 2 kits up for ladies who couldn't make the class. Just thought I'd share with you today what we got up to and the lovely cards we made.
Once again it great comments all round off everyone who attended, though the downstairs is full we do have extra seating available upstairs so don't ever be put off joining in.

Don't forget if you like it, to pin it :-) 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Craft Day Wednesday 16/9/15

Today was meant to be Dawns class, but for whatever reason she had got her dates all mixed up. As it was a bit short notice, she made the cards and dropped them in for me....phew I say. It was a bit quieter today than usual, with a few people away on holidays etc.
So here are a couple of pictures of the cards the group made today.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Lost with out my camera

Oh no,
Im behind on my blog already :-(
To top that off, my memory card for my camera is sat at home on my little table, not in my camera where it should be.
So Ive made a few cards recently, we had our Crafty Saturday on the 5th Sept, and made 10 Cards whoo hoo. I was really pleased with myself that day. All with the thanks and help of my friend Angie Smith, my die cutter and embosser person.
But no camera, means no pictures.... Yehaa I found my Camera :-)

We also run a crafty group every Wednesday, 12 noon till 2pm. These are very popular and the tables are filling up quickly, thankfully we do have more seating available upstairs should we need them.
Tea & Coffee is always ready available to those who join us, and lunch can be ordered if feeling peckish, so you can have great afternoon out.
No camera, means no photos..... yet. ohhhh more pictures

This weekend, is my weekend off. Well if you can call it that. Think we're on with fitting a new kitchen in at my father in laws house and more sorting out. So much work, so little time and more so now the darks nights are coming in thick and fast now.

Just in case I get lost in my work and dont make it back to my blog beforehand, our next Crafty Saturday will be running on 19th September. Group starts at 10am - 3pm, again tea and coffee available thoughout the day and lunch can be ordered on the day. Any special requirements need to be ordered beforehand to allow us to get the supplies. Crafty Saturdays price ranges from £12.50-£15.00 unless we have a special day on with extra kits and lunch being provided, this will obviously alter the price but you still get a great value day out.