Wednesday, 31 August 2016

By the light of the silvery moon.....

It's the Lat Wednesday of month, do you know what that means? ......
It means my friend Dawn Watson is coming to the shop to run the workshop today.
It's always nice to have a new face with different ideas to your own. To talk about a variety of products, 
And to share ideas and inspiration. 
So my card today, is quite a simplistic card using Dawns original idea. 
For today's card, I used Sue Wilsons sun ray die but instead of cutting the card, I used my tan mat and embossed the image into the silver card. I cut out a piece of silver glitter card to make the moon (as it is on my card) larger. Matt & layered on to black card, then embossed a further piece of silver card with the snowflake folder again from creative expressions. Layered this onto black card, then finally white.
I used my Santa and reindeer die and fir trees from 2015 festive range of dies, and cut these in black card and trimmed the trees to perfectly on the card. 
Quick, easy simple card but very effective and great for Christmas cards when you need to make bulk packs. I'm 

Christmas cottage scenes.....

Yippee, I'm back to work....much easier than being at home. 
So this is the card I wanted to make on Saturday, using the Sue Wilson Christmas Cottage scenes and snow globe. Though you can get 3 further designs to work with the snow globe, I wanted to show you can use absolutely anything else. (obviously if it fits) 
To start with, I've taken a large scalloped circle card, and used smudged charcoal colour cloud on the edges, I've used the double pierced circles to cut out gold layer, and the the next white layer which I've embossed with the Sue Wilsons 8x8 falling snow embossing folder. 
I've taken 2 pieces of white card, again 1 embossed with the falling snow and left the other plain. 
I've used the graphite gilding polish, and covered the back of the embossed card, to show the falling snow (this is what my 9yr old created at one of the shows) and coloured a section of the plain white card with the same polish.
I really like this effect, and works really well for a snowy background. 
I used my flat graphite piece to cut the 2 cottage scenes, at this point I just layered them without glue etc, so I could determine which part I was going to use. 
Used the top circle part of the snow globe to cut out my layers, and then glued into place on my card. 
I've used the holly branch from the 2016 festive range of Sue Wilson, but it only comes as a single so to cut both sides I laid a piece of card on the die with the gold facing up, and 2nd piece with the gold facing down (bit like a sandwich) the die cut the 2 pieces easily, but do be careful as different card has different thickness. 
Layered them at the top with my snowy ribbon and added gems, I did try liquid peals but found they just sank into each other on parts where I wanted 2-3 berries 😕
Here are a couple more samples of cards I made using the Christmas country cottage scene dies....

Sunday, 28 August 2016

A Day off in the world of a crafter....

Happy Sunday to you all, 
Now what would your day off consist of? 
Sleep in? Breakfast in bed? Lounging in pjs......
Well mine starts at around 8am, we get up and deal with the 6 dogs we have at home at the moment....
Yes we mad 🤔
We (the family that is) are busy renovating my father in laws small holding, 18mnths on we're finding spaces we didn't know we had 😮
So just thought to give you a peak into my day off.....

Yippee, we've found a green house, needs lots of new glass pieces, and new doors and lots and of work to be done.....

Helping with our clearance is our wonderful fire, we must lite a fire nearly every day.......
And this is just 4 of my daughters 6 rabbits, we have 4 nanny goats and a stinky billy goat too....chickens and Bobby the pony, not forgetting Candy the jack Russell who takes guard of the goats... 
We've been busy today, as we found some new hutches for the rabbits, so been digging them out, cutting the legs off to make sure they fit in the large run, then on with giving them a good clean up before putting the rabbits into their new homes.....hope they appreciate the hard work we all put in on our day it's time for tea and bed 😴 to do it all again tomorrow. Roll on going back to work. 

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Have yourself a Merry Christmas.....

Day 3, and I achieved another card 😊
Not the one I was actually planning, but the dies I wanted to use Christmas Cottage scenes had been borrowed by a colleague. 
So here's to having a Very Merry Christmas....
For my card today, I've used the Merry Christmas perspective die from Sue Wilson die range. 
I've used the gorgeous pixie powders to create to colourful background, peacock green, lava red, and rich gold. 
Black glossy card, matching ribbons and hat pins. 
I started by sprinkling my powders on to water colour card, then spritzed it with lots of water. When I had plenty of water I laid a plain piece of card on top and got a 2nd print so I had 2 matching pieces of card. 
I love these powders, and what you don't see in the picture is the glimmer from the mica powders.
I then cut the merry Christmas out of a piece of the black glossy card 3 times and layered it over my printed card.
Finally finishing it with matching ribbons (more by luck) , hat pins & mat & layered on white, used my 2nd print then black & finally white again.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Christmas poinsettia with a difference....

Well for first time ever.....I've remembered to take photos 😮
I've not done much to day, so watched Mr Johnathon Lockwood on Hochanda instead, 
then decided I'd like to do some more crafting.
Today I wanted something different to my last couple of cards of silver and white.
 So I've gone with a pearl green I have in stock, some ivory linen card, with mulled wine gilding flakes.
 So here is today's card 
First I cut myself a piece of double sided tape (sorry I didn't take measurement 😳 just made sure it was bigger than the lattice die) I then gently added the gilding flakes, no need to go mad with them like you would with glitter. Just dab on gently then rub over with a piece rub it scrub it.
I cut out the lattice die, again no measurements (sorry 😳)  but using the cream linen card.
I cut out in the cream linen card also a frame using the largest and smallest die, then a second frame with the dark green pearl card using the smallest and middle frame. 
Layering them all up onto my piece of gilded flakes, the lattice flat, the green frame flat on the cream frame but them used foam pads to raise it up. 
I layered this again on the green and cream card. 
I then covered a strip of d/s with the flakes & cream card, using elements from both the poinsettia & Christmas rose dies I cut out flowers and holly leaves. 
You can now see it coming no together quite nicely 👍🏻
Cut 2 warmest wishes, and layer up. Use the aero glue as the die cuts are quite fiddly to glue, add to pearls or gems to titivate.....

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Finally finished.....

Well here is my sparkling white and silver card, finally finished. 
I started this card around 2 weeks ago, and I have learnt I really must put more time aside for creating. 
I really do love Sue Wilson cutting dies, and Johnathon Lockwood's Christmas rose stamps. 

What I have done here is, taken a piece of card and embossed it using the Sue Wilson Ivy embossing folder.
I've taken the reversed side (de bossed side) and scraped over the glitter sparkle paste. 
I used the double pierced oval frames to create the frame and the gorgeous Peace frame for the centre.
I've not used glitter card at all, but cut my pieces and either sprayed with aero glue or used my stick too glue pen and sprinkled on glitter.
I've then stamped out the Christmas roses, used sticky embossing powder, glittered and cut out, finally adding a lovely glass heart pin.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Cake and Coffee anyone....

After seeing a sample on Facebook, I just had to give it a go....Rainbow Cheesecake 😮
It's was so popular in the shop, that I got an order to make a full cake for a customer

Rainbow Cheesecake  

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Another Johnathon Lockwood retail day....

This weekend we've had a fabulous time, with Johnathon Lockwood here Saturday & Sunday. We've had some really lovely ladies joining us from further afield and all gone home very happy with their pieces of art work. 
A couple photos from through out the day, lots of happy smiley people xx