Sunday, 18 September 2016

Crafters are so similar.....

I've often seen horrid comments on some of the most beautiful cards, I.e you copied that off....,not your own design....etc etc
Well today and many other days, I've seen cards that are very similar to ones I've made previously. 
I don't always share all my cards made, but I do love how crafters who have the same product can see how different dies work together. 
Today's card was the one I was meant to post the other day, but I liked my poppy card more....
For my card I have used the coconut white and rich plum foundations card, I started by cutting out the centre striplet die 3 times, and then found the best pierced square that fit to help with my layering up. I layered my cut card onto the rich plum card. I layered onto the white card using foam tape, and mat and layered again onto the plum & white. 
I took my outer die from the Gillian set and cut both layers together. I then used both Gillian dies to cut out my centre with the coconut white card. 
I used the plum card I'd already cut from my background pieces and glued the Gillian die cut on flat, and fastened flat inside the centre. 
I used a matching coloured ribbon to counter balance the flowers on the other side, which are the new release cape Daisy's and the flourish is frondils..and stamped a best wishes. (Because I generally forget to stamp my sentiment before putting my cards together 🤔) 
This card I found on Sue Wilsons craft page on Facebook this morning....just to show all great crafters think alike ha ha ha.....
 This card was made by Sue Wilson 

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